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The History of Smoking Blunts

The History of Smoking Blunts -

If you’ve ever enjoyed the ritualistic experience of rolling, lighting, and passing an expertly rolled blunt, you already know why it’s a fundamental part of the cannabis community. However, many of us who take advantage of the heavenly pairing of tobacco leaf and weed don’t understand the rich tradition. So, we’ve put together a complete history of blunts dating back to the 1800s through today and what we see in store for the revered smoking method. 


What Do We Mean by the Term “Blunt?”

When we refer to a "blunt" in the context of smoking, we're discussing a specific method of smoking weed. Unlike the blunt’s close counterpart, the joint, a blunt involves using a hollowed-out cigar or cigarillo wrap to fill it with marijuana. These cigar wraps are typically made from tobacco leaves, which are emptied of their original contents and then filled with ground cannabis. 

Blunt smoking has progressed in recent years to include tobacco alternatives like hemp and palm leaves. While these methods don’t meet the traditional definition, the experience is similar, other than the tobacco buzz. 


Who Invented the Blunt?

Pinpointing the exact origin or inventor of the blunt is challenging due to the organic evolution of smoking practices. However, according to Go Ask Alice, the health Q&A resource from Columbia University, blunts are believed to have originated in the Caribbean during the mid-1800s. The origin story is cloudy, but historians believe easy access to dried tobacco leaves and marijuana brought across the Atlantic from Eastern India created the perfect storm birthing the blunt. 


Blunts Come to America

Caribbean immigrants embraced the tradition for decades but wouldn’t catch on elsewhere for over 100 years. From 1980 to 1989, more than 800,000 immigrants from the region moved to New York City. The new residents from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and other areas brought their lively culture to America, which included a new way to smoke weed.  

New York’s exploding Caribbean population, along with the availability of inexpensive cigars, allowed smoking blunts to take hold of NYC’s cannabis community.   


Smoking Blunts Becomes Mainstream

The journey of blunts from a Caribbean-American tradition to a mainstream phenomenon is closely tied to their adoption by influential cultural movements, particularly within music and entertainment.

During the 1980s and 1990s, blunts gained significant traction in hip-hop. Renowned artists like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre featured blunts in their music videos, lyrics, and public appearances, elevating the practice's visibility and cultural significance. This exposure led to a broader acceptance and adoption of blunts among fans and enthusiasts, extending its reach beyond the confines of urban neighborhoods.

The portrayal of blunts in popular media and their association with cultural icons contributed to their normalization within mainstream society. This acceptance transcended cultural boundaries, making smoking blunts a common practice among diverse groups of individuals across the country. As a result, blunts became firmly entrenched in American cannabis culture, representing more than just a smoking method but a symbol of social connection and shared experiences.


The Blunt’s Place in Cannabis Culture Today

In contemporary cannabis culture, the blunt maintains a significant and multifaceted role, extending beyond a mere smoking method. Its versatility and social aspects have solidified its place within the cannabis community. We explore the four most significant reasons why below. 



Blunts often hold ceremonial significance in certain circles, serving as a communal and ritualistic element during gatherings or special occasions. Gutting a rillo, breaking down a sack, rolling a snug blunt, admiring the finished process, sparking up, and passing to a friend is a ritualistic experience for cannabis smokers. 



Blunts encourage group smoking sessions, allowing multiple individuals to partake in the same smoking experience simultaneously. Passing a blunt among friends creates an intimate setting for conversation, fostering connections, and strengthening social bonds. The communal aspect of sharing a blunt often transcends mere consumption, becoming a focal point for meaningful interactions and shared experiences.


Masks the Smell

The use of tobacco leaf wraps in blunts offers an additional benefit beyond the smoking experience: it can help mask the distinct smell of marijuana. The tobacco leaf's aroma blends with the cannabis smoke, potentially reducing the conspicuousness of the odor, making it less noticeable compared to other traditional methods of smoking marijuana. This characteristic makes blunts a preferred choice for individuals seeking a more discreet way to consume cannabis.


Easy to Indulge 

Blunts also offer a convenient and accessible way to binge-smoke cannabis. Their larger size compared to joints allows for a more extended smoking session, making them suitable for seasoned smokers with a higher tolerance. Additionally, the ease of rolling blunts and the availability of pre-made wraps in various flavors make them a convenient choice for both experienced users and novices alike.


The Future of Blunt Smoking

Since marijuana legalization has swept through North America, the traditional blunt has undergone various innovations to increase and diversify cannabinoid content. Infused blunts with concentrates like oil, wax, and live resin significantly raise the psychoactive effects, making for a more efficient experience. We expect to see blunts benefit from the evolution of cannabinoid extraction processes, making for new ways to get super high.  


Other cannabinoids have made their way into the blunts in recent years. CBD blunts are available online and legal across the world, providing a new market with the classic smoking experience. 


The FDA vs. Flavored Blunts

The use of flavored blunts has been a subject of regulatory scrutiny, particularly by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Concerns over the appeal of flavored tobacco products to younger demographics and their potential to initiate tobacco use have prompted regulatory actions.

The FDA has undertaken measures to restrict flavored tobacco products, including flavored cigarillos and wraps commonly used for rolling blunts. These restrictions aim to curb youth access to flavored tobacco products, including those repurposed for cannabis use.

California and Oregon have already passed laws limiting flavored tobacco and nicotine products. In Oregon, the ban has already gone into effect. We’ll see how this move by regulators affects the cannabis community. Time will tell, but we expect to see a significant rise in flavored hemp wraps fill the void.


Blunts Aren’t Going Anywhere 

There’s no question that blunts are here to stay. The union between weed and the cigar is too perfect to fade away from cannabis community consciousness. However, we do expect changes ahead for the average blunt enthusiast, including a shift away from flavored tobacco, the introduction of other cannabis compounds into the blunt, and concentrate infusions. 

The history of blunts is a classic tale of cultures uniting for the love of marijuana. Thanks to the Caribbean immigrants who introduced us to the blunt and hip-hop culture for embracing the pastime, the entire cannabis community can indulge in the timeless smoking experience.

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