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8 Bongs for Smoking Weed

8 Bongs for Smoking Weed -

Bongs are an essential part of cannabis culture every stoner holds dear to their heart. However, choosing a suitable bong for your lifestyle can be a challenge. Not to mention, buying a bong is a significant investment that will influence your smoking experience for years to come. So, we’ve decided to dedicate a post to the tremendous pot-smoking pastime with our eight favorite bongs in 2024.


Classic Choice - The HEMPER Beast Bong 18”

Our first pick is the classic, clean, beaker bong - The HEMPER 18 Inch. This minimalistic design features a hefty water reservoir, showerhead percolator, and ice catcher, all encapsulated in premium heat-resistant scientific glass.

Standing over a foot tall with a 14mm female joint, The HEMPER is the perfect choice for a stationary piece that never leaves the home. The glass-on-glass bowl piece, filtration system, and tall stature will deliver smooth, monstrous hits, confining you to your couch for the foreseeable future.


Gravity Bong – Tyson 2.0 x Studenglass Gravity Infuser

The Tyson 2.0 x Studenglass Gravity Infuser is the pinnacle of innovation. You're missing out if you haven’t already tried one of these hookah-style gravity bongs! They are one of the hottest trends in the industry, and we don’t expect them to fade away any time soon. The device combines the principles of the classic gravity bong with a high-tech hose delivery system, offering a new way to indulge in smooth, thick clouds of weed smoke.


Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand has already made a significant impact in the industry. A collab with Studenglass shows how serious the former heavyweight champ is about solidifying his position in the game.


Silicone Bong – Ritual 10” Silicone Deluxe Incycler

While glass is the preferred bong material by most bong connoisseurs, silicone has some clear advantages. Silicone's durability, affordability, and portability make it the best on-the-go bong option.


Even though glass will deliver a smoother hit than silicone, the Deluxe Incycler from Ritual makes up for the gap in taste with its filtration system. If you are looking for a portable, cost-effective piece that won’t break when you inevitably drop it, try the Deluxe Incycler from one of our favorite brands, Ritual.


Budget Option – Retro Earth Tones Soft Glass 5”

Paying hundreds of dollars for a glass piece doesn’t make sense if you are a habitual bong dropper. But if you don’t want to sacrifice the undeniably better taste of glass-on-glass, an affordable option like the Retro Earth Tones Soft Glass is still a logical purchase. For under $20, you can experience the quality of glass without worrying about shattering your bong on a hazy in-session handoff.


The 5-inch Retro Earth Tones Soft Glass features a tiered bubble build to protect your mouth from splashing back. Its stable, sturdy design makes it a great coffee table piece or for on-the-go.

Ultimate Filtration – Recycler Style Water Pip w/ Perc

One of the coolest innovations in recent bong technology is undoubtedly the recycler filtration system. This Recycle Style Water Pipe with Puck Percolator is the perfect example of how to optimize your smoking experience.

 Recyclers break down smoke particles by maximizing diffusion and flavor while keeping hits smooth. They may not be significant; this one is only 5.8 inches, but they pack a punch like no other type of bong on the market.


Perfect Gift – Rose Signature Bong by My Bud Vase

While a bong is typically an investment in one’s own smoking experience, it also makes excellent gifts. My Bud Vase crafted the perfect present for a lover, partner, or friend in the Rose Signature Bong. The piece doubles as a smoking piece and vintage-esc décor.

The bong is available in three colors: pink, lilac, and ivory to suit the taste of your special someone.


H2 Novelty Piece – Pulsar Voodoo Skull Water Pipe


A bong can also be a conversation piece or something trippy to look at during your session. The Voodoo Skull Water Pipe by Pulsar checks both boxes while featuring premium borosilicate glass, a honeycomb percolator, and a hand-molded acrylic resin design.


Few bongs meet in the novelty category and elevate the smoking experience using high-quality materials and a well-thought-out design. But Voodoo Skull Water Pipe is an exception to the rule, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Pulsar.


Best Percolator – The UFO Mouthpiece

And finally, we bring you the UFO Mouthpiece bong to wrap up our list. This elegantly designed masterpiece features a UFO (unidentified filtration object) style percolator, providing smokers with an unparalleled smoking experience that will send them to play among the stars.

With 5mm thickness, lab-grade borosilicate glass, and ultra-wide 35mm mouth opening, this piece could very well be your end-all-be-all solution to stationary weed smoking. At well under $200, you won’t find better quality or design at this price.

Ripping a bong is a timeless experience for every smoker. Hopefully, our picks have given you insight into which approach makes the best sense for your smoking needs and lifestyle.  


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